Making Disciples

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14
Matthew 28:18-20
Isaiah 8:16
Isaiah 54:13
Isaiah 50:4
Jesus made disciples - He is our example
Luke 6:12-13
Disciple - Greek word "mathetes"

1. a learner (one who gives themselves to learn) humble and submitted
2. one who follows another's teaching
3. seen to be a disciple by abiding (living) in the word (they love the word)
4. one who sticks like glue (adheres) to the teacher (they go wherever the teacher goes and follow their lifestyle)
5. one who imitates the teacher

Discipleship is joining yourself to a teacher. You learn from them, are taught their ways, manner of life and their doctrine.

(Based on commitment)

Peter and the apostles of Jesus made disciples

Acts 6:1
Acts 8:4

Paul and Barnabas (ascension gift apostles) also made disciples

Acts 14:14 - Paul and Barnabas were apostles
Acts 14:19-22

The local churches that the apostles established made disciples

Acts 16:1-3

The great apostleship (commission) is to disciple all nations

Romans 1:5

We must first be disciples ourselves.

We must then open our lives to the brethren, so that they may learn from us.
Jesus was available to His disciples.
Paul had a number of people with him so that they would learn the ministry.
Disciples need to allow themselves to be corrected.

Matthew 10:24-25

2 Timothy 3:10

Teach the doctrine of the Word of God that you have learned from your teacher
Paul gave Timothy an inheritance by imparting his lifestyle as an example for Timothy to follow
We need to have a manner of life that others can follow.
Follow and continue in the same purpose.
Discipleship is for all believers.

How do we disciple?

1. preach the gospel (Mark 16:15)
2. baptise those who believe (Mark 16:16)
3. teach those who are baptised (Matt 28:19-20)

This teaching on 'Making Disciples' is from the Blow the Trumpet in Zion Manual, Session 11 by Nick Jackson

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