Discipleship Revival

A Disciple who raised the dead in East Africa

My disciples shared this testimony with me, this incident happened during my last trip. One of them didn't come early so they were worried. By the time he came, he told them about a woman who died, a wife of a friend, so they were making arrangement for her to be transported to were she will be buried. One of the disciples asked him what he did about it and he said nothing. Hours later,he was challenged by one of them for not even trying to pray for the dead woman. He went back to the dead woman's house and met everybody outside mourning, he told the husband privately that he want to pray for his wife, they both entered and the brother began to pray for her to come back to life. The woman woke up, at that point the husband ran out. The woman is alive and doing well today.

Previous Reports listed below:

From a commissioned apostle in west Africa

The apostolic work is going on well in my area.  The module 8 &9 in Discipleship Course 2 has really touched and impacted the disciples since we started the two modules. The apostolic truth is opening the eyes of the disciples to much about WALKING IN OUR INHERITANCE. Through the teaching the disciples got to know clearly that our inheritance is not in heaven but is received here in the earth. That we need the inheritance now even as in the natural. Because an inheritance is something that adds to, provides for and enriches our life now. According to Romans 8:14. It is as we are led by the Holy Spirit that sonship is manifested.

From a Disciple in North America

More on the personal note, through these trails through work, I've been growing in my experience with Jesus and seeing Him as well. A lot of the times when I close my eyes, I see a figure of a man who shines in white so it must be the Lord. My passion and zeal for Jesus is just growing and just having a complete change of perspective in life.

A current report from an apostle in East Africa on the work of discipling leaders of churches:

We had a wonderful training time. We were 18 of us in total. Out of these, 7 pastors travelled from a neighbouring country. These are the key leaders from class of 30 that are there. We handled or reviewed lessons 9,10,11 & 12 [of the apostolic leaders course]. The class had done all these papers but we had not had time to review them together exhaustively. Many questions arose especially when we were handling the subtopics of the prosperity gospel, the rapture theory, and the anti-Christ. We answered all these questions satisfactorily. The pastors did not have it easy going concerning the dawning of the rapture reality.

Although it was very clear from the many old and new testament scriptures that we read together, the question that remained lingering in them which they kept saying, was: How are we going to begin to teach this and change what we have for many years taught and believed? We told them that they have to themselves choose to obey the word or continue propagating the lie and face the judgement of God now that they know the truth.

However, they did not reject this reality of the rapture as revealed from Scripture. We had very exciting moments in the presence of Jesus. The brethren arrived on Tuesday 26th and left on Saturday 30th. One particular pastor on team with us was a great blessing. He is full of the word. He is very relational and loving. The next session we have scheduled.

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