An Apostolic Ministry to the Nations

Rom 1:5, "For we have received grace and apostleship for obedience to the faith among all nations for His name."

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The apostolic work is growing and bearing fruit in the nations.

Gathering of sons from the Nations in Nigeria 2017
Gathering of sons from the Nations in Nigeria 2017
Graduates of discipleship course one in Spanish in Santa Marta, Colombia 2016
Discipleship resources for the Nations
Discipleship resources for the Nations
A Selection of Teaching Manuals for Discipling the Nations
A Selection of Teaching Manuals for Discipling the Nations
Church in the House
Church in the House
Leaders in Kenya receiving Apostolic Training 2017
Leaders in Kenya receiving Apostolic Training 2017
Leaders in Malawi receiving Apostolic Teaching 2017
Leaders in Malawi receiving Apostolic Teaching 2017

As an apostolic ministry we are reaching into over 50 nations.

We are dedicated to be obedient to the commission, and see every nation reached with the gospel of Jesus the Messiah.


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** DECEMBER 2020 **

Some Promises of God to us from the Book of Ezra

"And now for a little while grace has been shown from YAHWEH our God, to leave us a remnant to escape and give us a peg in His holy place, that our God may enlighten our eyes and give us a measure of revival in our bondage.
For we were slaves. Yet our God did not forsake us in our bondage; but He extended mercy to us in the sight of the kings of Persia, to revive us, to repair the house of our God, to rebuild its ruins, and to give us a wall in Judah and in Jerusalem
" Ezra 9:8-9.

It is marvellous to think that a prayer of Ezra's approximately 2,500 years ago is being answered today. These two verses of Scripture came up in our daily reading a few weeks ago [many of us read the Scriptures on a daily basis, following a plan which enables us to read the whole Bible in one year]. It seemed that we had not noticed the request for "a measure of revival", but suddenly it was there and God was speaking through these verses.
How we have longed for a measure of revival! We have reviewed previous 'revivals' that we have been involved in and have been praying for revival to come again, but happily saying to God, 'not like the past revivals' but the revival, a time "of refreshing" (Acts 3:19), which will usher us into the purpose of God in our time [the days we are living in].

Everything is by Grace

The first thing we need and are totally dependent upon is the grace of God. We have experienced that grace since God first brought us to salvation in Jesus Christ (Eph.2:8), and the profound release of grace that we experienced as God brought us in to the "predestined adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself" (Eph.1:5). This has been "to the praise of the glory of His grace" (Eph.1:6). This began in a wonderful season in 2002, and in the ensuing years we ministered the grace of adoption (Rom.8:15, Gal.4:5) to many brethren in many nations.

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